New Registration Number for Your New Car

Carrot-Insurance-telematics-young-drivers-blog-driving-tests-delays-UK-articleYou’ve just bought a car and even if you can’t wait anymore to drive it, there are certain things that you have to do before you get there. You can drive it with the registration number from the former owner, but this is not possible to do for too long, as you have a certain period of time that you can use for registering your car.

The registration number is what sets the car apart, as there are millions of cars that are the same year, the same model and the same producer. It’s what makes the car unique, along with the person who owns it.

Planning to get your registration numbers means that you have to contact the authorities and get in touch with someone who can guide you through this entire process. However, we’re here to give you some relevant info about what you can do in this situation.

Applying Online

This solution allows you to ask online for a license plate – the registration number that sets you car apart from others. There are certain conditions that you’ll have to fulfill, like having the car registered and the car also needs to be ready for inspection, when the situation requires it, of course. This is a service that is also available for those that own a vehicle with SORN in the last 5 years, or for those who have a vehicle that has already been taxed.

How to Start

There is much talk indeed, but the process is quite simple. You’ll have to get a certificate number and this can be obtained from the online service, with the certificate of entitlement or if you have the retention document.

The last registration certificate has an 11 digits number on it that you will need, along with a credit card that you’ll use for paying the renewal fees. Those that have a personalized registration number will have to take it down before using this service, otherwise they lose the possibility to use it again.

Apart from this, you’re not allowed to improve the vehicle’s aspect by making it look newer.

The Regular Application

carondartmoor - CopyNot everyone can use the online services, so there’s a possibility for them too. The postal service is always ready to deliver your mails, so you can use them and send the forms directly to the responsible authorities. If you use the postal services, you’ll need to have ready the registration certificate for your car or the new keeper’s supplement, along with an application for a vehicle certification certificate.

Of course, you’ll have to make the proof of any taxes or fees that are required, so you’ll also have to add those to the mail. They also require you to send the application for vehicle tax, the money for it and the MOT certificate.

Don’t worry too much about this, because if you pay a little attention, everything can be ready in less than one day. The fees can be paid online so you can finish everything in just a few hours, even if you send the forms by the postal services.

Buying or Selling Your Vehicle

Elite-Driver-Services-Perfomance-DrivingThe car has become a necessity these days, and long gone are the times when only the rich people could have afforded to own a car. Today, there are even two cars in a family, and all this is thanks to the development that has taken place in both technology and lifestyle.

Plenty of cars are now available for those who want one, and they get to choose from different brands, models or years of fabrication. Younger or older, these cars are used daily and people love driving around from home to work or for taking vacations. It’s not necessary to buy a new car if you can’t afford one, and there is a wide market for the already used vehicles, which you can find at very good prices.

Even so, with all those options that the market offers you, there are still some requirements that you have to fulfil if you buy or sell your car. Apart from owning a driving license for being able to actually drive the car that you plan to buy, you’ll also need to know the right information about the taxes that you have to pay, so calling the authorities is the first thing that you have to do.

Relevant Info

When you buy a car, there’s something essential that you need to know – the tax or the SORN doesn’t come with the vehicle. You’ll have to know what tax to pay before you are able to drive the vehicle, as this is an obligation that everyone who wants to buy a vehicle has. Here it doesn’t matter if the vehicle you are buying is new or already used, and you’ll also need to have the adequate car insurance.

The Car Insurance

This is also mandatory, as this is the law no matter where you go – even if you leave your country, you will still need to have the MTPL, the mandatory insurance for cars. To have the MTPL decided, you’ll have to go with the registration slip – once the car is on your name, and the insurance broker will be able to determine how much you have to pay. You can have the MTPL for six months or for one year, but never more than one year. You can also pay it in fractions, but the price can be a little higher as it’s considered that you pay in rates.

The Tax

You’ll need the log book if the car is on your name, to be able to pay the tax, and you’ll also need the 11 digits number as a reference. The 11 digits can be found on the site if you search for dvla contact numbers.  For a new vehicle, you’ll need the supplement slip with the 12 digits number as a reference – when the vehicle is not on your name. In the UK, you are not allowed to use the seller’s tax reminder.

fader-11Changing Ownership

When you sell the car or when you buy the car, there are some things that need to be renewed. First of all, you won’t be able to use the insurance of the former owner, if you buy a used car. This means that you’ll have to get a new insurance – the MTPL once you get the car registered on your name.

The same goes for when you sell the vehicle or you change its ownership – the insurance is not valid anymore, and the person who is the new owner will have to make a new mandatory insurance.

If you sell the car, you’ll need to notify the authorities that you have sold the car and they’ll issue a new log book for the new owner, while you’ll get a tax refund through a check for the remaining months till the end of the year.

Getting Your License for the First Time


beijing-2-e1418036510146There are plenty of cars to choose from when you want to get a new car, but to be able to drive it, you actually need to have the right skills. We’re not talking about knowing how to turn the driving wheel, but we’re talking about getting your license for the first time.

Without a driving license, it’s forbidden to drive on the public roads, or outside of them. It’s illegal in most countries of this world to drive a car without having a driving license, so to be able to obtain this, you’ll have to go through several steps.

You can browse the internet for the website of that authority that issues driving license for finding relevant info on this and on more. However, we’ve thought about making things easier for you and telling you exactly what are the steps that you need to take to get your driving license.

Be of Age

From the legal point of view, you need to be an adult to be able to drive a car. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take courses before you turn the legal age for driving, but you won’t be able to take the exam for obtaining the driving license.

You can take classes with even a year before you turn of legal age, and once you’re over 17 years old, you can drive an electrical powered car that’s smaller and easier to drive. You’ll still need to go through specific driving classes, but you’ll be able to give the exam after you become of age. The first driving license is the provisional driving license that allows you to learn how to drive a car – it can be used for classes only.

The Classes

There are plenty of driving schools that have specifically trained instructors that can teach you how to drive a car on public roads. You might have tried to drive the car in an empty parking lot with your mom or dad, but driving on public roads is entirely different. You’ll have to pay attention to all the signs and you’ll also need to know all the rules that apply in specific situations.

Without knowing all these things perfectly, you might be a danger for yourself and for others, and that’s the first reason why there are driving schools and special instructors.

The Vehicles and the Categories

First of all, you’ll be able to drive a car – which has the category B, a motorbike, and a moped. For the motorbike, you’ll need the categories A1, A2 and A, while for the moped, you’ll need category P or M. These are the simplest and easiest driving licenses that can be issued, meaning that these are easy to drive vehicles.

AH-MH-Learner-DriverThere are also the medium sized vehicles, but for these and for the rest of the vehicles, you’ll need to have a few years experience – how the specialists recommend as these are bigger and harder to dive. This being said, for the medium-sized vehicles you’ll need category C1, for the large vehicles and lorries, you’ll need category C, for a minibus you’ll need category D1, a bus requires the category D, while an agricultural tractor requires the category F.

Keep in mind that after the C1 category, if someone has several categories on their driving license, that person is considered to be a professional driver – this means that they can drive almost any type of vehicle without problems.

The exam is given with the authorities and if you pass the test, you’ll be scheduled for receiving your driving license. Don’t take this very lightly, because once you get behind the wheel, you’ll be responsible for your life and for the life of your passengers.